Nail trimming

Some people may find that they are unable to attend to their own nails due to age, poor vision, limited mobility, disability, low strength, or thick/hard nails. It is very, very common to require assistance and Megan would be delighted to help you.

Callous and cracks

In most cases, callouses and cracks can be removed painlessly. Your podiatrist should also discuss preventative techniques with you, such as offloading high pressure areas.

Warts and corns

Corns can be removed in a single consult, often providing instant relief, although they will generally return at some point if the cause is unchanged. Warts are a little trickier to treat. Your podiatrist will assess how best to treat you.

Diabetic assessments

Diabetes can have very serious, detrimental effects on the feet. If you are diabetic, It is important to have regular foot assessments with a podiatrist to monitor your risk of developing complications.

Ingrown toenails

For something so small, ingrown toenails can be excruciating. In general, treatment can be very comfortable if you present at the podiatrist as soon as you are aware there is a problem.


Children can experience a range of unique issues such as pigeon-toed gait and hypermobility, as well as ingrown toenails and flat feet. Megan is experienced in dealing with childhood concerns of all kinds.